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How To Identify The Needs Of Your Customers In An Accurate Way?

Ah, the “Customer Satisfaction”, it is a marketing term that measures how offerings are supplied by the companies or surpasses customers’ specific requirements. Satisfying customers is important because business owners and marketers come up with a metric that they can utilize to manage and augment their business. Customer survey comes into the picture here! You know better what your customers look for; in fact you must know their choices. So, be specific! And if you really want to make them delighted with your offerings, then acquire survey solutions, happened with that customer feedback!

Customer surveys Plugins, used by many companies today, provide the assessment of services, products and solutions. Thus, companies get to know what they should plan with such information. It painstakingly improves marketing approach. The one thing, you must not forget here is, customer is king, so serve them in the best possible way; and that would be possible mainly by surveying their needs, likes, dislikes and preferences. Below are the top 5 reasons why customer satisfaction is essential.

1.      Offers key indication of customers’ purchases & intentions
2.      Reduces customer churn
3.      Boosts customer’s lifetime value
4.      Reduces harmful word of mouth
5.      Helps retain customers (New & Old)

You Can Turn Your Customers Into A Vast Community.

With the help of customer survey Plugins, you can measure the satisfaction, explore various ways of your offerings and then promote products, based on the customer’s’ requirements. It helps businesses create a strong communication with them and solve issues/problems quickly. Moreover, customers’ community can be utilized to produce new product features or ideas! So, once your community is grown, you can have an efficient customer support by integrating Customer Survey Plugin to your eCommerce store.

You Can Leverage The Power Of Sugar Ecosystem.

Are you willing to extend the market reach or looking to improve marketing performance of your eStore? The best choice here is to drive business values from Sugar deployment! Literally, SugarCRM Plugins developed for customer surveys help know customers’ exclusive needs. As a user you can perform these many tasks using such user friendly survey Plugins.

  • Create customized surveys easily
  • Use multiple templates
  • Unsubscribe Plugin
  • Store data safely
  • Know customers better
  • Set future survey dates
  • No calls for the feedbacks
  • Preview surveys before sending
  • Re submit/send personalized questions to customers
  • Save surveys in email formats for future use
  • Evaluate customers’ needs using reports

How Do You Measure Customer Satisfaction?  

Approximately, 70% of marketing managers identified customer surveys as a vital tool to be measuring the success of their businesses! What is your way to measure your customers’ needs?

Bottom Lines

Have you deployed an automated Survey Plugin in your CRM?

No matter what type of eCommerce store you run, such surveys can help you have an integrated look at prospects and customers! You can learn more about their likes, dislikes, issues, requirements and ideas. The bottom line here is to have intelligent surveys that make CRM system even more prolific.


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