The question, which platform is good to build an app has been asked for so many times; and now it has become a popular one over the years! The platform war may not be over for now; it may remain the same for a couple of years more! Similar to the apps development war, there are certain guidelines or tips varying from significant needs.


Needs are changed from industry to industry, hence, it is must to unleash the comparisons between Android app development and iOS app development. Due to the extensiveness of apps solutions, we decided to address this comparison slightly on a different mode! A specific platform can be chosen by evaluating below factors.


These days, Android is emerging on a global platform with spectacular mobile applications which have helped businesses grow rapidly. At the same time, iOS apps have typically enlarged its market, which also targets worldwide businesses.

Revenue Models

Multiple revenue models can help earn better ROI and thus, businesses are giving importance to Android & iOS both! Both the platforms have ample data that show apps help generate better revenue. In 2015, 70% of businesses have earned profits through iOS revenue models.

Release Cycles

Though Android is an open source platform, naturally, it offers a great number of solutions to its users. However, it lags behind iOS in terms of adoption rates. By far the most, around 80% of users found using iOS versions which were introduced in 2014. Less than 10% of Android users use Lollipop, which was started in 2014! This means, iOS has been relatively booming when it comes to releasing versions, reducing testing and development cycles.

Hopefully, the research involved in the consideration process is enough helpful to the businesses who want to pick either of these platforms. Do you have anything else to update for these two apps development platforms? Have you noticed any drastic shift between them? If yes, then chip in with your experience and share a piece of knowledge.