A thriving Magento store on world wide web is a dream come true. When the venture is new and exciting, it is sure to get some attention, traffic, and sales. But in few years, your presence becomes dull, drab, and boring. This is when you need to spruce up your store, enhance its performance and grab some attention for your relatively old website. So, how do you go about improving your e-store’s performance? Do you hire a Magento developer to help you? Do you revamp your entire website?

Well, there are a lot of things you can do. Read through this guide as we provide you with some quick and significant actions for making your store user-friendly and intuitive.

Keep the Home Page Simple

Most of the websites overdo the design of their home page in the quest to look cool. Although this might grab some eyeballs at first, it could prove to be overwhelming for your customers to explore. So, the first rule to follow if you want to make your store performance user-friendly is, to keep it simple and understandable.

Advert New Products

Customers do not just want to keep buying the same products. They would want to know about the latest launches, news, tips and more through your website. You can put the links of news on the website and also display posts from Facebook/Twitter as well as link to your company’s blogpost. This gives an impression that your company is constantly growing.

Display Cool Videos

A video or a flash animation of your products works long way when it comes to selling your company’s products. Create a cool video and display it on the main page of your website followed by a call for action button. If you hire a dedicated Magento Developer, you can discuss your requirements with them and ask if they can provide you with someone who can create a video for you.

Give Product Search Options

When you have too many products to sell, it can be perplexing for your customers to find what they want. And if they cannot find the products they are looking for, they will never choose to buy from you again. Through a powerful and intuitive search tool, your customers can search for products by price, category and other characteristics.

Help Them to Navigate

It is not fun to get lost on a website. Having built-in navigation or breadcrumbs can really help. It let the customers know where they are. For example, if the buyer is on the Products page, provide them with the option of returning to ‘Home Page’ or ‘Shop’. Some provide with the option of a drop-down menu. However, that is not enough. You can also provide with a text link that brings more clarity to the navigation.

Explicit Shopping Cart Details

A shopping cart should clearly show what is on the cart including quantity, price, and product. It should also enable the buyer to change the number of items in the basket and get rid of them easily. To cross sell and upsell your products, you can provide with the option of “Products you may like” or “Related Products” as it will help you better your overall sales.

And last, but not the least, you must provide your customers with easy and convenient checkout process. If possible, offer one-page checkout. To ensure that all the above aspects are in place, it would be a good idea to hire Magento developer for your website!