Ever wondered why people buy online? Or what makes them choose certain vendors over others? It is said that “At the heart of every sale, lies a decision.” Understanding the psychology of online shoppers is very important. There are certain requirements, fantasies and desires that need to be taken care of. In order to fulfill such requirements, you can consider factors like competitive intelligence, customer service, competitive pricing, etc. Once you tap into their psyche, they will come rushing to your online store.

Companies like Apple and Samsung always make a grand launch of their products and people wait for new versions of their gadgets to roll out every year. This is because they know how to connect with people on an emotional level and create excitement about the anticipated gears. If you want to know why people take certain decisions while buying online and the psychology that drives them, take a look at this infographic. It will acquaint you with the variables that can help you develop an ideal online store and attract more customers.