When it comes to investing more in technology, it appears to be a tough decision for companies. Though such investments deliver a good return, it happens in a long run. The problem here is, it asks for the business owners to be deep pocketed as of that moment. One such decision: is it good to upgrade your existing ERP system or move on to a CRM solution investment? And will it return more for the time and money invested?

Technology As A Competitive Edge

Today’s fast-moving fashion, retail, footwear, luxury, outdoor and consumer products are the trend. Market has an intense need for such products as they are trending. Here, the core need is to get these products into market faster and more efficiently than ever. With more product cycles squeezing into every season, building and sustaining brand equity becomes more important. And you can achieve this with high-quality, innovative products that give you a competitive edge in today’s market demand.

Return On Investment

Two key technologies, ERP and CRM hold the majority as business solutions for most of the businesses.   Both are work as a back bone across various industries. It is driving the fast-moving consumer goods for brands, retailers and manufacturers. Here, each technology brings unique value to an organization. So, deciding which system is the better investment to make— and when—can have a dramatic impact on your ROI.


Dynamics CRM Solution is one of the best CRMs to manage the inventory. It will give you a better insight on all products. Also, it enables your product range to never miss the marketing window explore the best of your online marketing campaigns. The best thing about CRM is the capability to know customer needs and understand the performance patterns of it.

Why Should You Choose CRM over ERP?

ERP stands or Enterprise Resource Planning and CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Both explains a lot with their names. Whether you are operating a warehouse for you vendors or a manufacturer who has to maintain a huge stock. In all cases you will have to plan your resources and will also have to deal with your customers.

Top 10 Reasons to use Dynamics CRM Services for Supply Chain Management:

  • Reduce Data Entry
  • Improve Purchasing
  • Automate Tasks
  • Improve Warehousing
  • Improve Procurement

Read more reasons in full article.

So, if you are also thinking to get a new tech support for your enterprise, CRM is the right choice for you. Specifically talking about your inventory and warehouse, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development will be the best pick.

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