Curiosity is a universal trait. Whether it is a new episode from your favorite TV series or an update of your mobile’s system, it is sure to drive your interest. When it comes to developers, you can witness the similar kind of curiosity with the platform named Ionic. If you are a developer who is into Ionic Application Development or a business owner who is looking forward to have a website on the same platform, there’s good news for you. Ionic has come up with its latest version and Ionicons, wherein it offers captivating icons.

Ionic is a milestone technology in the field of mobile applications. It brought the idea of hybrid apps that work in a Cross-platform environment. Recently Ionic has announced its new update of icon pack, Ionicons. This is the 4th version from Ionic that enhances its scalability. The new update will empower your Mobile App Development with Ionic as it offers with a new league of icons. These icons help you to build dynamically attractive mobile applications with robust features and high-end UX/UI. In this blog, we will brief you about the features that Ionicon brings for you. Here we go.

Attractive Icons

An icon is not just that. It is a visual message. It overcomes the shortage of space on mobiles devices and conveys the information in the easiest manner. With Ionicons, you get a wide array of icons to make your app more attractive than ever.

The initial versions of Ionicon were based on Android MD iconography and iOS 8+. But Ionicons v4 redesigned the existing iOS icons that work in sync with the updated icons of Apple. It also renders fine tuning with the latest generation of MD icons.

Stepping Over Font Icons

Initially Ionic launched icon fonts, which were vector based and were scalable to any physical parameter. This feature empowers them to style them with CSS and that too from a single resource. But these font icons were bundled into a single file. Here comes the problem.

Such large font files create troubles for your website and app with a slow graphic impression. Another issue with font icons was the difficulty in adding custom icons to your font icons file. The latest versions of Ionicons deal with these and diversify the compilation of these files. This way, it makes your Ionic Application Development easy and efficient.

Better Websites

Ionicons are not just confined to mobile applications. It also offers a refresh to your website UX and UI. With this new version, you get better search option modification and icon identification during the search. Ionicons also help websites with embedded usage docs. To develop a website that operates real time data, Ionicon will not fail to impress Ionic App Development Companies.

These were the advancements that Ionic brings to you with its new icons. You can hire an Ionic App Development Company and get the best out of your mobile and web application with attractive icons.