A building needs a strong foundation to sustain any kind of accidental events like earthquakes, etc. Similarly, to sustain in the internet marketing world, and achieve an unrivaled position, a strong website framework is a prerequisite.

Now, among the widely known web development platforms, 82% prefer to use PHP. The reason behind this preference is that PHP not just serves as a web development foundation but it also acts as a server-side programming language. When it comes to choosing a PHP development framework, CakePHP development services are the most in demand. Majorly, because it is an open source framework. But, there are many other PHP frameworks available in the market. So, we should not miss them either.

Let’s look into all the PHP frameworks so that you can make a decision as to which one to go for.


Laravel, released in 2011 is an open source PHP framework. It was Taylor Otwell who created it with numerous features like Object-oriented implementation, authorization techniques, MVC support, database migration and much more. In short, it renders a secure, highly flexible PHP web development. So, if you have multiple users for your website, you should go for Laravel framework.


It was in 2005 when a programmer named Michal wrote a version of rapid app development in PHP, calling it Cake. Thereafter, he published this framework under MIT license. It was late in December 2005 when Woodworth found the Cake software to promote development related to CakePHP. This is how CakePHP became an open source web framework.

Moving ahead, we must not forget to mention that there are many CakePHP development companies that offer a range of CakePHP web development services. And they use well-known software engineering concepts and design patterns to render the best of services. Some of them include convention over configuration, MVC, active record, association data mapping and front controller. Thereby making the CakePHP framework a different one in terms of speed, utility, and performance.


Unveiled in 2006, this framework is used to build a dynamic website. Addition of the word ‘Igniter’ is indicative of its speed when compared to other PHP frameworks. Moreover, it allows modification and enables the user to use Hierarchical model view controller. This controller helps the developers to maintain a modular grouping of the controller, models, and view, arranged in a format. So, if speed is your concern, you may prefer CodeIgniter as your PHP framework.


This is a PHP 7 based platform that boosts simplicity, reusability, and performance. Zend is just a collection of professional PHP based packages. Which consist the use of composer and model view controller with a combination of front controller solutions. Furthermore, its various features include:

  • Fully object-oriented components
  • Implementation of MVC that supports layouts and default templates
  • Backend system support along with flexible caching subsystem
  • Facility of multiple database systems and more.


After going through information on the topmost PHP frameworks, we hope it becomes easy for you to choose the best one. As every PHP framework has its own unique features, make a wise choice as per your needs.