7 Advanced SEO Techniques to Get Better Ranking in 2018!

Search Engine Optimization is another kind of programming. It does not involve typical coding structures, classes and objects. But it has its own syntax. It has its own methods & modules. It is the science of making sure how your product page or the website comes on top of the desired search to bring right audience.

SEO is not about stuffing keywords and having multiple product pages to spank up your rankings. Until and unless your web page features relevant keywords, mobile friendly interface and minimum security features across the website – your chances for desired results are none.

To help you understand that, we as an SEO service provider, have come up with some fantastic SEO techniques for the year 2018. Are you ready?

Here are 7 Advance SEO On-Page techniques for Better Ranking!

1. Write Longer Meta Descriptions

Yes. You heard it right! Say goodbye to the short metadata! Google also rewrote a meta descriptions of some websites as the original metadata was short and not descriptive enough.

2. Work on Speed Loading

As the first step, you need to examine the current speed of the website. Ensure that you use some of the tools that Google provides. PageSpeed Insights is one of the best websites that helps you to access your site’s loading speed.

3. Internal Linking is Must

Internal Linking keeps your bounce rates low; which is very good for your SEO’s health. In my opinion, the best examples of well-linked online literature are Wikipedia and Copyblogger.

4. Use Keywords That Matter

Yes, keywords are important. And yes, you need to use them in the right way. When you hire a company that offers digital marketing services, they hire SEO writers who work on your project and ensure that they use relevant keywords.

5. Optimize the Images

A picture is not just worth a thousand words. It also attracts thousands of visitors if optimized in the right way. Start optimizing blog images for on page SEO. Make sure you keep the size of image files light so that they load faster.

6. Check SEO Responsiveness

With Google’s announcement of mobile friendliness as one of the major ranking factors, all the brands are making their websites mobile friendly.

7. Structured Data and Schema Markup

Last but not the least, “Structured Data and Schema Markup” are one of the most buzzing topics in SEO. To elaborate, there are 3 major parts to a website. Namely – Text, Markup and Structured Data.

Follow the above-mentioned SEO tips in 2018 and you are sure to rank well and high!


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