Android App Development Trends in 2018: What Should You Expect

From Cupcakes and Gingerbread to KitKat and Oreo, the Android has taken us on sweet technology journey over the years. That too, with every new version update. In the year 2017, most of the companies realized that it is important to invest into Android App Development Services. Especially, if they want to meet the demands of their customers and boost their sales.

The year 2017 witnessed 254 billion app downloads. Which is more than 57.33 billion in the year 2012! So, the SMEs that want to enhance their branding and customer engagement must offer similar Android Apps. If you want to create an Android App that stands out from others, you might have to hire a mobile application development company.

But before you do that, we want to acquaint you with android app development Trends that will drive the market in the year 2018 and beyond. Let us try to understand what they will offer in detail.

Android Instant Applications

In 2017, Android Instant Apps became the part of a Play Store. When you hire android app developer for developing your app, make sure that they create apps which are compatible with the instant app feature and are easily accessible.

AR & VR Android Apps

A report by Statista states that 2018 will have 977.9 million Standalone Artificial Reality App downloads. And by 2022, the figure will reach 1,389 million. In 2018, both AR & VR will contribute significantly in android app development trends.

Internet of Things

Google has played an important role in innovating with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. As Android developers should know that all the devices working on IoT need different applications to work effectively.

Innovations in Mobile Payments

The whole world has been singing the “Mobile Responsive” anthem. But apart from that, the global mobile payment segment is also witnessing a noticeable growth. New payment technologies like wearable payment solutions, contactless payments, digital currencies have come into existence.

However, creating such Android based applications can be quite challenging. So, you must hire professional android application development company.

Cloud Based Mobile Apps

Having cloud-based Android Apps will ensure that business owners can get an access to the data any point of time. Research in the market and you will find several companies that offer cloud based android app development.

This was a little tour to acquaint you with android app trends in 2018. If you want to achieve exponential success with your business, it’s time that you start embracing these technologies and get your android apps developed based on them.


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