9 Reasons Why AngularJs is the Most Popular Framework1

The days of cluttered websites, broken links and unresponsive websites are a passe. It is time to embrace the era of modern web development. Although there are a lot of variables that make a website efficient; the ways in which it data displays the data is of utmost importance. This is when JavaScript steps in.

AngularJS is an advanced framework introduced by Google. Despite of the innumerable plugins and frameworks available in the market, website owners choose to go for AngularJs development services. Through this blog, we will acquaint you with the reasons behind the popularity of AngularJs technology.

Ease of use:

AngularJs is infused with some rich features that make it easy for AngularJs Web Application Development professionals to create websites by writing minimum codes.

The MVC Architecture

MVC stands for Model View Controller. When you opt for AngularJs App Development, you can make the most out of this facility.

Enhanced Community Support

Since Google has developed AngularJs, it boasts of a large Google+ AngularJs community consisting of expert AngularJS developers. Hence, when it comes to finding Web Application Development Services for AngularJs, you will never fall short of options.

Works on Client Side

AngularJs is compatible to both; desktops as well as mobile browsers.

Offers Modularity

Modularity is one of the major reasons why AngularJs is popular. It enables the developers to create multiple modules for a single application.

Comes with Filters

AngularJs filters come of great help when you need to transform the stored data in AngularJs responsive design.

Two-way data binding

The two-way data binding functionality in AngularJs is quite commendable.

Easy Testing

Testing becomes extremely easy when it comes to AngularJs framework.

The SPA Features

Single Page Application; abbreviated as SPA and AngularJs are closely associated. They offer form validation capability.

The above given points must have given ample amount of idea as to why AngularJs is the most sought after web development application. When it comes to working around web development using JavaScript framework, there’s nothing like AngularJs.


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