If you have a website or online business, you must be aware of how social media is essential to attract more visitors. You might wish to use as many channels as possible to create a large online audience. However, managing multiple social media accounts along with your website can be time-consuming job. This is when IFTTT comes into the picture. IFTTT for WordPress is an innovative tool that aids you in automating social media management. IFTTT stands for If This Then That.

In recent years, social media has proven itself to be one of the most effective means to drive engagement on the site. Now, WordPress itself has various in-built features for social media. However, integration of tools that automate social media management for your WordPress site could just take the experience to next level.

Hence, if you are thinking to search for WordPress Developer for Hire to build or upgrade your WordPress website, then IFTTT integration should be worth looking at.

Why is It Essential to Automate Social Media Management?

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. are great platform to promote your business. But they require dedicated management. As per a report, 81% of US population is using at least one of the social media profiles. Therefore, it proves to be an excellent tool for marketing and driving traffic to your business website.

People prefer to follow brands and celebrities through social networking as compared to other mediums. You must be having your personal and professional social media accounts. But if you are managing these accounts manually you might be devoting more time dealing with them. Numerous repetitive social networking tasks can be controlled easily through automation. One of the online tools for performing the same task is IFTTT for WordPress.

IFTTT for WordPress

For using IFTTT, you must have a WordPress website. You can opt for WordPress website development services to have that WordPress site in first place. IFTTT for WordPress is a simple and efficient platform which helps you to automatically program tasks which need to be performed on daily basis. It offers to create individual apps or Applets which can integrate two services, platforms or tools and automatically performs a fixed task.

IFTTT can work with multiple platforms and comprises of a large library of Applets that integrates with WordPress. To illustrate, you can create an Applet that connects your WordPress website to Twitter. If the app is running, all tweets which you add to Twitter will also be uploaded to your website.

Key features of IFTTT

  • It connects WordPress to many social media platforms and other tools online.
  • It can build apps which performs a fixed task automatically.
  • It can customize apps settings.
  • Tailor-made apps can be created and are allowed to share with the IFTTT community.

Setting up IFTTT

The process to use IFTTT for WordPress is very simple. It is mandatory to sign up for the account on IFTTT website – either with an email and password or through Google or Facebook. Once finished, you will see that IFTTT has automatically generated a recipe for you. Then find an Applet you like, select it and choose the “Turn on” option.

Thereafter, you need to make certain settings and provide your account details for each platform that your Applet needs to connect with. Finally, you will be able to publish the Applet. Then, it should run automatically. Applets can be viewed under My Applets screen.

There are numerous WordPress related scenarios which you can accomplish with IFTTT.

Now, we will discuss some integrations which you may find useful. All of these were created by WordPress developers. They will help you in fixed social media tasks.

1. Share new posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

This is one of the most useful Applets IFTTT offers. It integrates your customized WordPress development site with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn altogether. As these are three of the most popular social media networks, you must be using one or more of them. When Applet with above-mentioned condition is created, it shares your new posts as a link to all three platforms.

2. Share posts to your LinkedIn with specific Tag

This Applet targets only a single social media platform i.e. LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great platform to network with other professionals and attract readers. Moreover, sharing new business content on it can definitely improve a your company reputation and credibility. Using this Applet, you can define specific tag or category. Further all posts from your website which meets the tag will be shared on your LinkedIn account. Surely it depicts great way to share your business knowledge with colleagues and friends.

3. Tweet your new blog posts quickly

Twitter is one of the eminent social media platforms that is looked for news throughout the world. Which makes it the best platform for promoting a blog or website. You can use the WordPress Applet for Twitter to automate notification process. Enable your audience to get quick and timely updates without having to compose manual posts. After you set up the app, it will send a link for each new post to your Twitter followers including the title of the post.

4. Share your new posts to Facebook page

Facebook remains the number one social media platform and so it is necessary to use the Applets that integrate it with WordPress. Whether you use Facebook to keep a community around your website, for marketing purposes or to make connections, it is essential to keep your friends and followers up-to-date. The Facebook Page Applet can share links from your new WordPress posts to Facebook page that you are own.

5. Create custom Applets

IFTTT allows to generate high-level functions which sometimes are not supported by social media applications. For example: Instagram has a default feature that allows you to post Instagram photos on Twitter. That functionality includes your photo caption and friend tags. It won’t permit you to customize details before it publishes your Instagram photo on Twitter. That’s where IFTTT can help.


To summarize, having a social media presence is must to have more audience and followers that can help you grow business through an online website or a successful WordPress blog. Applying automation through tools like IFTTT plays a key role in eliminating repetitive and tedious tasks when it comes to maintaining social media accounts. This can help to focus more on growing audience and providing quality content to followers or clients of a website.

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