Utter the word “CRM software” and you will find many business owners, especially SMEs shaking their head in disagreement. “CRM Software is too costly,” they would say. And then, there are some who would proudly claim that they already use Sugar CRM or Salesforce, as if that itself is a badge of honour. It is more important to understand what CRM is and how it can transform your business operations rather than just following the trend of implementing it in your organization.

In every business there are few signs that indicate whether it is time to use a CRM software. This blog will acquaint you with such issues and help you understand when should you start using a CRM software.

1. You live in the Microsoft Excel era

You love Microsoft Excel suite. And perhaps, you make use of excel spreadsheets and keep filling data for eternity. Well, this can prove to be exhaustive, time consuming, monotonous and can also affect the productivity of your employees. If your employees find Excel sheets boring, you have a big reason to switch to CRM. The automation ensures that you or your workers do not have to feed or fetch information manually. There are several applications of a workflow automation including marketing, sales and support. Such applications will ensure that your business hours become more productive and hassle free.

2. Your company doesn’t have centralized customer data

Whether your business is small or in an expanding mode, it is important for you to have information about your customers so that you can take strategic decisions. And you possibly can’t store everything in Excel Sheets, Google drive and books! Even if you do, your employees will have a tough time finding all the information and switching between different sections and files. Having a Suite or SugarCRM application can provide you with a bird’s eye view of your customer data. It also enables the salespersons of your company to maintain interaction with their customers through a centralized database system.

3. Your salespersons get perplexed when asked about a particular customer

As a business owner, you might have encountered instances when your salesperson is asked about a customer and he is not able to recall. Well, this is quite likely to happen when you have a huge database and it is overwhelming for your sales staff to remember all the details about them. It creates a bad impression in front of your customers making them feel less important.

If you have your SugarCRM database organized, it will provide the sales professionals with all the data about customers on their fingertips. This includes contact information of clients, details about the last interaction with them, a brief on past meetings and more. By having a centralized database, they will also be able to maintain a good relationship with the customers and serve them in a personalized way.

4. You deal with all the customers in the same way

Gone are the days when each customer was dealt with in the same way. With the advent of target marketing, the dynamics of customer relationship have changed. You can’t possibly use the same marketing and promotional content for both old and new customers. SugarCRM implementation will enable you to segregate your leads based on their needs, preferences, demographics and more. Once you know about the requirements of every customer and prospect, you can give attention to them accordingly. This includes sending newsletters, providing information about new offers, discounts and other updates.

5. You perceive lack of coordination between your sales and marketing team

It is important for the sales and marketing team to work hand in hand to bring good results for your business. Using CRM software, marketing and sales department can get a real time access to customer profiles and data related to them. Once the marketing team finds leads, it can pass it on to the sales team through the centralized system. Thereafter, the sales team can act on the leads and convert them into permanent customers. A well-coordinated process between sales and marketing teams can work wonders for your business.

6. Your reporting and analysis tool isn’t good enough

Do you know about the ongoing market trends? Are you able to forecast customer demands precisely? Can you assess your business growth strategies? If the answer to the above questions is “No”, you must have a CRM which enables you to undertake the above processes smoothly.

Even if your sales team is not achieving its targets on time, you can analyze it and create reports based on their activities. Once you have superior quality SugarCRM software in place, you will be able to create customized reports for your business in no time. It provides you with graphical and statistical representations of each business process. Unified information received from these reports will help you to set targets for the future. Isn’t that great?

7. Your staff turnover is high

It is difficult to hire new staff all the time and provide them with training. Also, when these sales executives leave, they carry crucial information about your business along with them. This can prove to be jeopardizing for your business. If you do not want to spend a lot of time and money in training new employees and keep all the information discreet, having a CRM system is a good idea. As all the information is in the centralized database, newly hired sales representatives can go through the information and start working at the earliest. And we all know that, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

8. You are losing customers

It is very important to make the customers feel that they are important. And there can’t be a bigger loss for a business than losing customers to the competitors. Having a CRM enables you to take care of customer demands proactively. It keeps all the information about your prospects, leads and loyal customers. You can also incorporate social media tools with your CRM and get real time customer feedbacks about your products. Needless to say, it will help you to improve your products and services.

9. Your sales executives cannot make deals when they are travelling

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of not having a CRM. Due to the nature of their work, sales representatives are often on the move. But should it stop them from making deals? Ofcourse, not. There are several companies that provide mobile based SugarCRM applications to their sales employees which empower them to get customer and lead information on mobiles and tablets while they are on the move. So no matter where they are, mobile based CRM helps them to make deals and update it in the system as and when it takes place. Once the information is updated, other sales representatives also get to know about it in real time.

10. Your business is growing

If you have established your business with clear objectives and you are working in the right direction, it is sure to grow. And it is a strongest indication for you to shift to an efficient and automated system. Installing CRM will create new opportunities for your business and leave you less overwhelmed with the amount of client data on hands. A good CRM software also provides you with all the necessary tools to maintain and monitor different business processes.


Above mentioned are some of the major signs which indicate that you should start gathering knowledge about CRM technology. These technologies are easy to learn and can provide you with tangible results.

At Biztech we offer customized Suite and Sugar CRM development solutions. We help you with everything right from configuring it to providing assistance and offering maintenance. So what are you waiting for? It is time to jump onto the CRM bandwagon.