“A picture is worth thousand words” you might have heard this idiom often. And it says that a complex idea can be conveyed to people through a simple picture. If we tweak the idiom to match the current ecommerce scenario, it would say “A picture is worth a thousand online sales.” It is true that the quality of photographs can make or break the impression of your ecommerce business.

Even if you get your ecommerce store developed from a professional ecommerce web development company, you still need high quality images to to convert your online traffic to sales. Taking this point into consideration, let’s discuss some best practices to take professional and attractive photographs and boost your ecommerce sales with them.

1. Use natural lighting

Any type of shoot usually starts with the chant of “Lights”. In this case, however, we will talk about making use of natural lights. There is no need to shell out a lot of money on artificial lighting when you can get great results using natural lights. The key here is to choose an indoor spot near a window and shoot indirectly rather than shooting directly under the sun. If you see harsh shadows of the product on the wall, it means your lighting conditions are too bright. To lessen this effect, you can use a white paper or curtain. You can also buy a cheap reflector online to balance the natural lighting conditions. Also, make sure that the light from the sun hits the product from left or right. When there are windows opposite to each other in the same room, you have a perfect setting to click pictures.

2. Have a white background

Shooting against white backdrop will give you professional quality product images. This is because a white background reflects light on your products. As a backdrop, you can choose a white cloth or a surface. A white wrapping paper works the best as it is more reflective as compared to other surfaces. For shooting small products, a shooting table works great. It is easy to move it and doesn’t occupy a lot of space. And if you have bigger products to shoot, you can buy a sweep and stand.

3. Working with your camera

A blurry photograph can be a huge turn off for the people visiting your online store. And to avoid such photographs, your camera must be in a steady position. You can use a tripod or a stand for mounting your camera. Especially, if you are going to shoot with a slow speed and your product has a lot of intricate details. It is advisable to use a self-timer as it will enable your camera to restabilize itself and give you track sharp images.

4. Don’t over edit

When an object in real is uglier than it appears, it can be truly deceiving. When your customers go through your glossy shopping catalogue and order a dress, they would expect it to look the way it looks in the picture. If they figure that the dress they ordered is too short, ill-fitting or has a different colour, they are will never visit your estore again. So the tip here is not to use filters. Editing done to make minor brightness and contrast adjustments is fine. You can also adjust the colour brightness to make the object look the way it does in real life.

5. Display multiple images

One of the major drawbacks of online shopping is that customers cannot touch the products or have a feel of them. To help your customers visualize what the product actually looks like, you can display multiple images. The first image should be of a front on shot and the others can be taken from different angles. If you want ideas as to what kind of images should be put, you can check out similar products on the online store of other vendors. Make sure you take examples from a good website.

Keep the above mentioned pointers in mind and you are sure to get some great looking and traffic driving images. If you think you cannot shoot professional quality images by yourself, it wouldn’t be wrong to hire someone for the job. However during such times, you must make sure that the products, apparatus and setup is in the right place and organized. You possibly can’t go running when it is time to shoot. So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera, arrange your set up and get going!