During the initial days of web, before Internet Information Services were released in the year 1997, the content of website pages remained static. These pages asked for consistent and manual modifications. There arose a need to have websites that are dynamic and get updated on their own. This is when Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP.net) came into being.

ASP was employed on the server side and the output was sent to the user’s web browser enabling the server to create dynamic web pages according to the actions of a user. Several popular brands like Amazon and eBay have used ASP.net framework for building their website.

Given below are a few reasons why you should choose the ASP.net framework for building your website.

It reduces the amount of coding

Coding can get dull. Especially, when it is done to build the same things over and over again. Microsoft’s ASP development team researched thousands of scenarios and zeroed on 20 objectives that included a unified login, appearance consistency and an authentication procedure. Thereafter, it came up with plenty of controls that enabled the developer to craft menus and login systems in minutes. This is why when it comes to building large applications, ASP.net can be very useful and drastically reduces the amount of coding.

It works fast

Complied coding and caching are the two major elements which make ASP.net fast. Due to ASP.net, the code gets compiled into “machine language” before any visitor views your web page. Caching saves the information which can be used for faster access in the future. As ASP.net enables data caching from the database, your website works very fast even after regular visits to a database.

It is language independent

Asp.net is language independent and hence it enables the developers to select a language that is best suitable for their application. It also helps to partition the application across different languages. Thus, there are no language barriers faced.

It is complemented by rich tools

ASP.NET is complemented by some rich tools in Visual Studio integrated environment. WYSIWYG-editing, automatic deployment, firewall and drag and drop controls are some of the feature rich tools provided by this robust framework.

It offers multiple language support

ASP.net enables the developers to write their code in more than 25 .net languages including C#, VB.Net as well as Jscript.Net. This gives much needed freedom to the developers to use the language they hold an expertise in. Due to this advantage, the output doesn’t suffer.

It offers crash shielding

In order to make sure that your website doesn’t give an error message to visitors and works flawlessly 24/7, ASP.Net offers crash shielding. It can automatically recover from errors and memory leaks.

It doesn’t matter whether you are developing website for a small business or a huge corporate. If you’re considering to get your website developed using ASP.net you can avail of our asp.net web development services to create your dream website of web application.