When it comes to finding a framework which is user friendly and offers rapid application development, CakePHP is the first name that comes to one’s mind. Over the years, it has gained a lot of popularity for being one of the most popular frameworks for web application development in PHP. The aspect that makes CakePHP the most sought after framework is, its potential to meet the requirements of developers, system administrators, project managers as well as business owners.

Let us take a brief look at the factors that allow for faster web application development in CakePHP.

Easy implementation

CakePHP was designed with the intent to simplify and shorten the project delivery process. The hours and days spent by the developers to make the coding work can instead be spent on crafting a website with good features. The business owners of today prefer CakePHP as it doesn’t involve any license fees or purchasing costs. Also, right from the conception to deployment, the development cycle is extremely straightforward and thus it doesn’t take very long to complete the project.

Flexibility with integration

CakePHP is a boon for project managers. This is because it not only brings out new and enhanced functionalities, but also takes care of the project issues that were bothering them in the past. Moreover, it is compatible with the business plan of any organization irrespective of its size. Project managers do not have trouble in finding developers as there are a lot of companies that offer PHP development at competitive rates. The functionality of CakePHP is flexible enough to be extended and integrated to meet the requirements of any project.

Convention over configuration

This is one of the most striking concepts of CakePHP. Convention over configuration works towards drastically cutting down the size of the code. A technique like this surpasses the never ending setting and configuration tasks and gives special meaning to different directories, fields, classes etc.

Benefits rendered by MVC

MVC stands for Model View Controller, a software design pattern that transforms an application into a modular, maintainable and developed package. It divides the system into three different self-contained layers according to the functionality. The Model View Controller contributes to the robustness and flexibility of CakePHP.

Quick results with minimum efforts

It doesn’t come as a surprise how developers love working with CakePHP. It takes the productivity of the project to a whole new level and enhances the output of the project. Also, there is no need for the developers to go back and forth between error processes trying to figure out what went wrong while integrating different components. CakePHP comes loaded with code generation tools making the task of developers seamless and less time consuming.

Seamless configuration

CakePHP can be easily installed on the existing system. It is easy to understand and configure for the system administrators. It also comes with add ons like third party libraries, plugins and functionalities that can be added at any stage of development. CakePHP renders robust security infrastructure and support for an array of databases. One just needs to download the code, set file permissions, define databases and install it.

CakePHP rules the charts of open source frameworks on account of the flexibility, easy integration features and user-friendly tools it comes with. If you want to boost the productivity of your organization at competitive rates, consider choosing CakePHP development and you will see its growth in a very short span of time.

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