Having an ecommerce store is a privilege that several business owners like to have. An estore can have a glorious future if it is designed and executed well. However, it is important to understand that what you need for your ecommerce site is something more than just an online catalog of products. You must think beyond just having a glamorous frontend and have compatible solutions to enhance the functionality of your store.

If your old website is filled with blurry images, drab content and lack of information, you seriously need to think about revamping it and get hold of a good ecommerce development company to enhance your store.

What are the other signs depicting that your ecommerce site needs an overhaul? Take a look at 6 major reasons mentioned below:

1. Your website has a complicated navigation

There is no way customers are going to come to you and complain about the poor navigation facility on your store. They will just abandon the carts and leave your website. It is important to have layered navigation for different categories so that your customers can shortlist the items that they need to buy. Always remember that an understandable and user-friendly navigation will help you make better sales. If your website lacks this aspect, you better get it resolved.

2. You have chosen a wrong ecommerce platform

The platform on which your estore has been built on can prove to be its biggest enemy sometimes. If it fails to provide you with customization, latest facilities and professional assistance, it is of no use. Remember that a single wrong choice and your business can go kaput. If you are facing such issues with your website, you probably need to switch to a better profile. List down the functionalities that the front and the backend of your website needs to have. That will help you decide which ecommerce platform is good for your business. You can either choose a hosted platform or a customized one like Magento, Woo-commerce or C-s Cart.

3. Your website displays products poorly

Images that take time to load are of poor quality and look old can prove to be huge spoilers for your estore. Try putting yourself in the shoes of visitors and ask yourself if you would be happy to buy products or services based on the images displayed currently. If the answer is “Yes”, great! If not, you might want to replace the outdated images with high definition ones. Each of the products should also mention relevant information including size, colour and other features.

4. Your website works slowly

In the year 2009, Google revealed results from an experiment conducted by them. As a part of it, they slowed down the load time of its search pages. Thereafter, it was observed that it lowered the number of queries that a person would usually run. A delay of 400 milliseconds lessened the number of searches by 0.44%. A similar report was released by Google in the year 2016 which was about enhancing the mobile shopping experience of the customers. Pat Meenan, the author of the report stated that “Mobile sites are way behind as compared to desktop sites when it comes to metrics like pages per visit, average time spent on site etc.” Kissmetrics, a popular customer analytics platform revealed that 79% customers that are not happy with the working of the website are less likely to buy from the same platform again.

5. Your website is difficult to upgrade

Businesses of today are quite dynamic and so one must upgrade the ecommerce site with the changing demands of customers. Whether it is about changing the design of the banner or a functionality which is outdated; having a flexible ecommerce platform makes all the difference. If making these little changes ask for a lot of time and efforts, your current website is probably not right. Consider switching to some other ecommerce platform so that you can make changes seamlessly.

6. Your website has flawed product descriptions

Product descriptions are indeed very important. However, for some products, users give more importance to the images. And for some, features are given more importance. For eg. Description about the features of TV would be more enticing than its image in itself. On the other hand, visitors opting to buy a piece of furniture would be more interested in checking out the pictures of it rather than reading its description. Hence, you must weigh the importance and understanding of each product before getting their descriptions written on your website.

The above points must have given you insights as to what needs to be changed on your ecommerce site if you want it to succeed. Also, the best thing to do is to keep reading about the changing ecommerce trends and test your website from time to time in order to implement the changes.