Michal Tatarynowicz, a Poland based developer, had used PHP to come up with a minimal version of a rapid web application development framework back in the year 2005. The following year, Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched his framework under the license as CakePHP version 1.0.

In no time, it became favourite amongst several web application developers. This was because it has several features that helped developers to create different web applications, shopping carts, content management systems and more. CakePHP also has tools that keep web applications secure and safe. If you are willing to have a web presence for your business, CakePHP would be a great option! Here are some more insights as to why you should choose CakePHP for web application development projects.

In-built features

When it comes to crafting a website rapidly, programmers always look for a framework that has built-in validation features. With other frameworks, integrating validation functionality might take up a lot of time and effort. CakePHP comes along with in built features that are compatible with different websites and applications. Moreover, they are easy to use and you can make the most out of it.

Model-View-Control Model

Business logic and data presentation are usually separated by the developers when they are building multifaceted websites and applications. MVC frameworks are a great option for developers who want to connect to data sources through queries. As soon as the query gets connected to the database, the data gets saved without any hindrances. CakePHP supports the MVC pattern and enables the programmers to streamline the data through controllers.

Latest features

Optimizing the scalability and performance of any website or web applications asks for the execution of different technologies. The new websites of today are created by using advanced technologies like AJAX. CakePHP is the most dynamic platform while writing the PHP syntax. It also provides with the most adaptable access control list which leads to caching of your web pages.

All purpose coding

Sometimes, developers reuse the code that has been used for a similar functionality in the past. This reduces the time spent on building a website. CakePHP enables the developers to reuse the code and apply them for different projects. Thus, the time and efforts spent behind creating a new code can be utilized to enhance the look and theme of the website.

Enables testing from time to time

The web applications of today have built-in testing functionalities. By employing test-driven development, one can lessen the amount of time and cost involved in crafting a website. System integration and unit testing are the major elements of PHP application framework. CakePHP supports both web and unit testing. This means, you can test as you develop without employing any automated testing tools from outside.

Content-friendly framework

A website that doesn’t have enough information or eye-catching content isn’t successful in driving traffic. CakePHP makes it possible for you to manage themes, content and features of your website. Apart from providing the facility to customize different fields and templates, it also comes with an excellent file manager. By using it, you can easily manage different files and modules on your website.

CRUD Scaffolding

The abbreviation CRUD stands for ‘create’, ‘read’, ‘update’ and ‘delete’. A mere line of coding done through CakePHP can take care of the above four activities in your app. You can also customize the code according to the requirements of your business. Isn’t that awesome?

Language Compatibility

Everyone might not be comfortable with one language. However, language is never a barrier when it comes to CakePHP as it is compatible with several languages. This helps a lot of developers as they do not face hindrances when they are working on creating apps with different modules. Switching and customizing language is also possible. So just in case the task gets delegated from one programmer to another, it will not create major problems.

CakePHP framework can prove to be a real boon for developers as it comes along with ample amount of templates, tools and features. It also provides with an option to write complex codes without stretching the time taken to develop a project.

If you are searching for CakePHP development solutions, make sure you conduct ample amount of research before striking a deal with a firm. By doing so, you will be able to save a lot of time and get the functionalities that you have always wanted.