One of the issues of utilizing an instant programming for internet business like Odoo web based business is that you are regularly stayed with default reports that come prepackaged with the product. So be it deals request or buy request or receipt, you can’t do much with these unless you are a specialist in Odoo programming.

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Keeping this torment purpose of Odoo online business shippers as a top priority, we at Biztech, have thought of an instant application that will permit you to tweak any of your default store reports and get a more expert search for all your store reports. Called Clever All In One Report Templates, this application gives you 6 diverse custom format alternatives to look over for each of your six report sorts.

Also, you can redo any part of these custom layouts, similar to logo, shading, textual style, organizing, and so forth. In this blog we will talk about these store reports independently and how they can be tweaked with our application.

1. Creating Sales Orders

The business arrange report layout contains all the data identified with deals arrange like outline of the business arrange, data about shipments, finish and fragmented exchanges and so forth. With Clever All In One Report Templates, you can adjust the organization name, logo, the text style sort and shade of your business arrange. You can likewise include a watermark, if required. As administrator, you can pick regardless of whether to keep item portrayal in deals orders.

2. Keeping up Purchase Orders

The Purchase Order Reports give data about all the obtained requests and quotes. You can assess, break down and survey your buy exercises that have occurred amid various length. Data about stock things, deals assess, cargo charge and so forth can likewise be incorporated into these reports. Like deals requests, our application likewise helps you tweak the look of your buy arranges by altering the different components.

3. Making Request Quotation Forms

Each business has customers that are keen on the administrations that are being offered to them however need to know the citation before they strike an arrangement. These citation shapes must look entirely proficient as they can represent the deciding moment the impression of your endeavor. Shrewd All In One Report Templates permits you to appoint one of the six custom formats for citation frames likewise and change text style, logo, organization name, hues, and so on.

4. Producing Invoices

A receipt must be clear, basic and careful. Receipt era and administration for each exchange that happens can be very overwhelming. The receipt layouts offer a systematized organization and outline with the goal that you can fill in all the data effectively. In the event that your receipt is made properly, your clients think that its straightforward and you can get paid for your administrations quicker. With our format application, you can make an expert searching layout for every one of your solicitations effectively without getting into the code by any means. It likewise permits you to keep custom footer in your solicitations and denote every single copy receipt with “Copy” in the header.

5. Making Delivery notes

Organizations that have a great deal of coordinations included are continually making conveyance orders. These conveyance requests are a proof that the merchandise have been conveyed effectively. What’s more, they contain data including value, item depiction, amount, conveyance date and mark of managing gatherings. Utilizing our application you can make conveyance notes in a way that it turns out to be simple for you to fill in the data wherever required.

Aside from the above Clever All In One Report Templates additionally permits you to get a PDF duplicate of the considerable number of reports created and to keep a favored format for particular clients. It additionally permits you to monitor all the installment history. With such a variety of components and configurable choices you will never need to make a fuss over your Odoo store reports not being proficient in appearance. And this without composing a solitary line of code! No big surprise Clever All In One Report Templates is the best Odoo application for expert report formats. Look at it for yourself.