Web designing as a profession, has got a significant boost in the recent years, thanks to the explosion in the number of websites that are getting launched everyday, globally. But like all demands, will the demand for web designers will also subside. Maybe, someday. But not anytime soon. And even if the demand subsides and web designing isn’t a cool profession anymore, there will always be demand for quality and experienced web designers and web designing companies. Because new websites (or something similar) will always be build for new businesses.

Let’s have a quick look at the top 7 reasons why web designers are currently in demand and will always be so in the future.

1. Ever Expanding Industry

Looking at the statistics of the past few years, it can be easily concluded that mostly every industry has an online interface in the present era. Industries are as active online as they were in brick and mortar a few years back. When everyone one is moving towards a web interface, it is inevitable that the websites need to be designed by experts for unavoidable reasons. Hence the requirement for web designers can be forecasted to be growing day by day.

2. Web Knowledge Development

Web designers are designing web graphics and are actively developing strategies for web based advertisements and sales expansion for organizations. Since web designers have a close association and understanding of working of the web based systems, they are always in demand, providing expert consultation towards developing and providing solutions to web based business models. For example, the free online education platforms like Khan Academy who is now in partnership with Tata for developing an online learning interface based on NCERT for Indian students or Coursera collaborating with various Universities of international fame to launch their online courses.

3. Innovation and Technology

New web page making softwares like Page Cloud, wix and the likes where creating a web page is as easy as editing a picture on Photoshop. For long web designing has been a domain of experts who have in-depth knowledge of computer languages, a situation very similar to primitive computers where knowledge of command language to operate them was necessary. However, a GUI helped people without technical knowledge of computer languages become good computer users where backend programmes were written so that computer could understand commands in English language inputs.

Same thing is happening with web designing. Programmes are being written to make the user interface simpler for web designers without knowledge of computer languages, keeping in mind that huge influx of demand in this area with ever expanding web service users. It would also lead to better individual control over their web properties.

4. Esthetic Web Pages for attracting Customers

Better looking web pages attract more customers. If the web content is relevant along with creative web graphics design, it generates customer loyalty. Today glamorous web pages are in fashion and are needed to generate competitive advantage over hoards of similar websites over the internet. It helps websites to stand out from the clutter of hundreds of similar pages. So web esthetics today is a big selling point for better performing web designers.

5. Huge Increase in Web Based Entrepreneurial Ventures

Increase of entrepreneurs from non-IT background who are developing more and more of web based organizations or product selling models. For example, Amazon, which was initially a virtual organization without any brick and mortar outlets. The whole business model is based on neatly designed websites and apps by web designers and the maximum business conversion capability of these organizations depends on the glitch free running of these web pages and web applications along with the rate of web user penetration for the organization. Now we have virtual organizations and other hybrid models that heavily depend on their web base services and applications like ebay, shaadi.com, alibaba.com, flipkart .com, the aviation industry, continuing to a very long and exhaustive list. And it is not going to stop anytime soon. So, there will always be demand for web-designers.

6. Government Interest

Government is interested in generating web based information systems for hassle free transactions, payment of various bills, fairer disbursements of government aids to people who actually are entitled to such claim like those who belong to the BPL category claiming cooking gas subsidies, eliminate middlemen as in IRCTC, Passport, DL etc. having a central data source as in ADHAR will ensure fairer government disbursements. Making web based applications like Income tax payment portal, online cooking gas booking portal, online banking portal, telephone bill payment portal etc. All such endeavors would require more and more web developers for building and maintaining such web pages and applications for smooth functioning of various government departments and private service providing companies. Online data excavation would also be a time and labor saving process that in many cases would lead to prompt action of the legal and justice system of the country. Therefore, to manage all this at a large scale, the demand for web-designers will consistently be on rise.

7. Research & Development

More research and development investments in multidisciplinary aspect of web designing is needed to prevent unscrupulous people from developing fishing websites, hackers and other frauds since today we all bank online. Web developers are the people who are constantly working in this area and have the qualities to become champions for smooth functioning of day to day working of companies and government agencies through constant firewalling and online protection through updating of virus definitions and protection of online data. Web developers and designers, thus, seem to be moving towards a bright job future with the big bang of online data.