The fact that mobile is the device of the future is a foregone conclusion. And like other areas of the digital world mobile has also influenced ecommerce in a major way. In 2016 more and more people are shopping on their mobile devices and more and more online retailers are adopting ecommerce mobile apps or mobile optimizing their web stores.

In the infographic below we have captured five such trends that are deciding the way people are shopping from their phones. Let’s have a brief look at the trends before we delve deeper into the infographic.

1. Mobile commerce will continue it’s growth traction

According to a BI Intelligence report, by the end of 2016, mobile commerce will account for around 21% of total ecommerce amounting to $79 billion and by 2020, it will grow to more than 3 times. As mobile browsers continue to get better and online retailers continue to enhance the mobile websites of their online stores, this trend is only going to increase in the years to come.

2. For ecommerce mobile web will outpace apps

All digital marketing channels will lead customers to their mobile browsers, not mobile apps, for online retailers, accessing online stores on mobile browsers will be more important than ecommerce mobile apps. Mobile apps work best for well known brands. But for majority of online retailers, ecommerce through mobile web is key to growth.

3. Physical stores will leverage online stores and vice-versa

Retailers will leverage mobile technologies to give their customers the best of both physical retail and online retail. Omnichannel commerce is the new buzzword and it relies heavily on mobile for its success. Since mobile is a pocket friendly internet-connected device, the possibilities are immense.

4. Social Media + Mobile + Ecommerce = Winning Combination

Both social media usage on mobile and ecommerce sales through mobile continue to grow. And when you combine social media, mobile and ecommerce what you get is a winning cocktail all online retailers are trying their best to prepare.

5. Optimizing mobile checkout will be a top priority

According to BI Intelligence, even though mobile commerce is on the rise, its conversion rates are behind desktops, as checkout process is easier on desktops. Hence only optimizing mobile checkout process will ensure proper leverage of mobile commerce growth.