Biztech, a leading name in the era of extension and Plugin development has launched another updated version of its Survey Plugin for SugarCRM 7 users called “Survey Rocket”. Small and Big sized businesses which were not able to deploy high-end Plugins, are now pursuing for enterprise level Plugins in SugarCRM to keep up the pace with today’s marketplace. Companies are focused on developing a deeper understanding of customers as they move towards more customer-oriented engagement model. The newly built survey capability in SugarCRM enables organizations to continuously capture customer feedback directly , providing richer, more detailed customer insights in real-time.

In today’s e-Commerce era competition among business organizations has increased to a great extent and Customer Satisfaction has become an important aspect to stay in the race, Plugins like Survey Rocket plays vital role in gaining customers’ trust. It is the most effective element when it comes to measuring enterprise level success. And this can be an indicator for how many times they purchase products from your store and how much your customers are satisfied with your products and Survey Rocket for SugarCRM designed to create surveys will help you know all these details (customers’ feedback) in a broader sense. It helps understand the needs and preferences of consumers which is a major factor to run any type of business. Once the Plugin is deployed, business revenue can be generated to a quality level.

The Survey Rocket allows business users to quickly send out Surveys to customers and know their preferences and exclusive needs. You can create multiple surveys using templates, including email templates. These emails can also be used as survey invitations to Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Users. Responses will be stored in the SugarCRM system which then, delivers accurate feedback reports.

“Surveys not only help businesses gain knowledge about customers’ needs, but also help them to scrutinize important factors which can be useful in future. We have built this Plugin for businesses of all size and scale, keeping in mind the gains, usages and functionalities.” said Mr. Maulik Shah, Director of Biztech Store. “To achieve excellence, organizations need prompt ways to capture insights about their customers’. Our feature-rich Survey Plugin allows users have a way to get the insights about their customers very easily.” he added.

Survey Rocket, specially tailored for all sized businesses, is a powerful new offering that combines surveying and CRM to manage the entire process. It ensures that every interaction is tracked for complete customer understanding.