No matter how much software, hardware or technology is involved in an IT project to complete; in the end what matters is the Success and how it is accomplished. Whatsoever the result is, it is mostly influenced and judged by the users. And that is why businesses today use IT solutions to fulfill their goals and roles. To run any business successfully, we have employees to customers who are the core parts of the business.

The communication between them is well managed by ERP systems and CRM solutions. Today, there are various types of business software apps, from these apps it is critical to evaluate the best ones. To buy, install, configure and support, it is important to have the ultimate ERP solutions, which are user friendly to end users in different business processes. Customization is one key element, taken into consideration before deploying all new enterprise resource planning systems.

While there are myriads of reasons for the add-ons and various logical explanations that state over customization must be avoided. The key reasons to avoid over customized ERP systems are,

    Extended Go-Live Time:

More the customization, much amount of time is spent to make it live! As the number of add-ons adds, the amount of system preparation is increased. The whole period that leads up to make it live, can be prolonged! This results in the increased amount of company costs! The continuous push back only increase business expenses.

More Difficult Upgrades:

Well, businesses use custom made solutions to have better integration in their ERP systems for running business processes smooth & seamless. Implementation experts want their system to fit with the way employees do important tasks. As more additions are made to the solution, the ability to upgrade the ERP system becomes more difficult. Businesses may yield complicated and costly enhancements.

Best Practices, Eliminated!:

ERP systems at their core include the industry’s best practices. By adding more custom made solutions, companies actually grow slowly. Toolbox of businesses is changed instead of altering the systems to meet their business needs. To become more productive, employees can be adaptive.

Marketers Altering The Systems:

ERP solution providers want businesses to request customizations! With these, marketers can have a great control over the systems. Fundamentally, companies have to alter with businesslike ERP solutions with unique upgrades.

ERP implementation is not a cake walk! What’s most significant is the practical commitment to enhance the ERP software investment. Over customized Enterprise Resource Planning software must be avoided to a great extent!