Biztech Consultancy just turned 9! The 9th Annual day started off with welcoming the guests. The lamp was lit, flowers & bouquets were offered to the guests. Thereafter, there was a Prayer Dance through which all Biztechians enchanted their Gods & Goddesses. After the spiritual dance performance, everyone was asked to be present for “Cake Cutting”; Biztech’s 9th anniversary cake was cut by CEO Mr. Maulik Shah.

After cake cutting session, Mr. Maulik Shah described the Milestones of 2016. He nicely elaborated the ideas and suggestions of different technical platforms. The event proceeded further for “Award Ceremony 2015”! There were nominees and winners, praised for their hard work and smart work. Winners were encouraged with different awards and thus, got captured in the cameras! Thereafter, there was a Thrilling session for the game called “Musical chair”; it left audiences delightful and joyous as there were a pich of funny moments and a few surprises!

To add more frolic to the ambience, everyone was asked to have yummy Dinner which comprised of various delicacies. After filling the tummies up, everyone moved for the last session, which was arranged for Photography! Of course, everyone loved to pose and give broader smiles as they were clicked by a professional photographer.

The celebration left mind blowing memories in every one’s heart! All Biztechians are now looking forward to have next Gala Event on a great note.