Just recall those awesome days we had spent during the off time in our schools and colleges, just feel those pleasing days which we had spent in canteens, on the grounds and during the picnics! Those were really one of the most memorable days of our lives; and we often wish to bring those days back. Here at Biztech those days were replenished!

There was a classic episode – a Hotchpotch day celebration, enjoyed to the fullest by all the Biztechians. To make Biztechians feel cherished, this day was organized by the Biztech Culture Group (BCG) members and certainly the day was full of fun and frolic.

Mixed And Mingled Moments!

To make the day more enjoyable, all Biztechians were segmented into different groups and all were given with various themes on which they had to enact different characters with relevant props! The themes imparted to them were, Bindas Gang of Biztech, Zombies – Ding dong. You’re dead, Pirates of Biztech – Keep your eyes open, Biztech’s Innocent Gunegars (Culprits), Devil-Zone, Gamthi, Punjabi Parinde, Biztech Mechanics : Maintenance Matters and Biztech commandos – Beware Bugs!

The groups were asked to perform one by one; the mystifying elements were their amazing acting, remarkable expressions and interesting dialogues – which got a huge round of applause by the audiences! All the participants were captured in the camera, videos were shot, pictures were clicked and what not! In a way, there was a close competition amongst these many groups.

Results Rolled Out!

The Biztech management announced 1st and 2nd winners. The Winner group was Zombies – Ding dong. You’re dead! To our utter surprise, there was a tie between two groups who stood second – the groups namely were, Gamthi & Biztech’s Innocent Gunegars (Culprits). Along with the winners, all the groups were encouraged with a bunch of prizes!

Day Wrapping!

The Hotchpotch Day celebration ended up on a great note! Biztechians look forward to more fascinating celebrations in the upcoming years.