What is the first thing that gets into your mind while thinking about Agile web development? It would definitely be “Scrum”. It is the framework used for managing product development for Agile web development methodology. But there are some other aspects too, considered as significant by web development companies. Even myths are the part of these considerations. Yes, you read it right. Myths are nothing but factors hindering your Agile web development and yet they tend to affect the development process.

The ultimate goal of Agile development is to focus on offering customers great value and work quality improving customer satisfaction. Organizations seeking customer-centric web solution and for this crucial requirement they select Agile development solution i.e. believed to be quick and efficient. Along with this belief, companies do believe in several blind beliefs – basically termed as MYTHS!

We have created a list of Myths that does not match with the reality at all.

Popular Myths Keeping Developers Away from the Reality!

1.Agile is Easy to Implement

The myth says it is easy to implement Agile in the web development solution process. But the reality is implementing this complex system is a tough task. Understanding transformational complexity is very important. The belief, it is an easy process lead to ignorance of crucial details making the implementation, successful. There is a big difference in learning the theory and doing it practically. Thus, all the developers are advised to prepare prior to implementing Agile web development solutions to avoid efforts go in vain.

2.Agile Means no Plan Required

This is the biggest myth attached with Agile development. How can a task be successful when there is no action plan? Though this platform is intelligent and efficient, that doesn’t mean you can expect everything to be done automatically. There should be a ‘plan’, actually there has to be a ‘plan’ for inducing correct and accurate functional specs to get desired solution. You can divide the big plans into smaller chunks rather making a complete plan, executing it and availing huge loss. Divided plan will benefit the organizations as they can regulate the time and money invested in the development process.

3.Agile Requires Less or No Documentation

Think, if no documentation is made for the Agile web solution, how would the newly appointed developers join the web development process? Sounds insane, isn’t it? Software documentations are generally for keeping a track record of what tasks has been accomplished in the development process. Develop a web solution document that is built with an aim to share the crucial details. No matter how detailed the information you add, but it should contain the precise information helpful for the users.

Get rid of the myths listed above and accept that Agile development solution is not actually like you believed. Treat these myths as challenges to befulfilled for developing reliable and efficient web solutions through Agile methodology.