A man working for Indian cinemas as an actor, producer, screen writer, director, social worker and a television personality started his career in the year 1984 (officially). The man is none other but Mr. Amir Khan – Tagged as Mr. Perfectionist by the sources. If we look at the number of movies he has completed, we come to know he is one of the identities affecting Indian economy on the whole.

On reviewing the current situation about what is happening around, I found media revolving around a statement given by the actor! Well, it is definitely an inappropriate one. How can anyone question the security systems of a country where you grew? I do not agree with what media is trying to throw the lights on, are we doing it right?

Just because he is a celebrity or a public figure are we supposed to forget our moral values? Is he not an Indian citizen? If he is being questioned on expressing his feelings, what does a democratic country mean then? The Indian education teaches every citizen is equal. Considering this incident on the serious note, are we really equal? It’s the matter perspective on initiation that soon turned in a national debate. The media is more focusing on the incident just because a big name is involved. Is boost in TRP the only reason, or we are really concerned about India being called an unsecure place to live?

Would media be interested if the same statement was given by any non-celebrity person? This is what the reality and truth lies in. Public figures are being focused more and it is 100% true and the reason is TRP and public engagement. But, that doesn’t mean they do not have a private life where they stay out of the fake personality and be just as they are. Some of the articles over internet were so critical that did not match with the given statement at all. This is how a small statement can create a big issue.

Heavy weighted statements by ministers might give them overnight fame. But, are they supposed to react too much? Why don’t they just focus on their promises to serve the nation rather fueling the fire set by media professionals?

I am not trying to defend the actor, but the matter needs a spotlight focusing truth and its consequences. The actor never gave a statement that they (he and his family) are planning to or want to leave the country. But his original statement was used to take the conversation in a different direction. Of course the media aimed to flame the casts and creeds distinguishes with this incident. Has media showed what the actor has actually told? Well, in the current scenario, the original sentence has no originality left in it.

Let’s just hope the warning bells snoozes off soon and the situation gets back to normal.