The newest version of Drupal 8 is known to be the biggest update till date and is packed with new and improved tools. The new version lets you experience the extensive level of accessibility and security. Integrate Drupal 8 in your business and experience the strongest content management platform to make your business identity better and reliable. This new version of the most popular CMS will let you avail the incredible digital experience irrespective of your business size.

This leading content management system named Drupal has served over 1.2 million websites across the globe. Drupal 8 is a big update in the world of CMS for designers and developers.

What New the Update Offers?

  • Built-in themes are responsive
  • Admin panel can be accessed from the smartphone
  • Customization has become easy
  • Authorizing interface has two parts – content and settings
  • Control over the details like image alignment, caption etc.
  • Drupal 8 relies more on advanced PHP standards
  • Amazing digital experience
  • Quick delivery and better integration

Drupal 8.0 can is a boon for small to global enterprises and it is expected to fulfill their crucial content requirements. It is expected to offer 200+ features and early adopters of the version have already started utilizing the outstanding features. What are you waiting for?