Although “website design” was coined in early 2010, later it was seen with a number of “Responsive web design solutions and trends”! With the internet involvement, website designing became much modern and user friendly. To impart on-the-go browsing experience, responsive website designing came in the picture! In this piece of content, we will be reading about the most predicted responsive-of-things for websites.

When we talk about websites, many things pop up in our minds; however the top notch and notable element attached to it, is the “Design”, more precisely “Responsive Web Designs”. This blog will be a fine assortment of web crunch that entails the future curve for designing websites in a responsive manner. In 2016, there will be a galore of out-of-the-box designs & layout patterns with cutting edge solutions. Moreover, there will be revolutionary features well sleeved with security and robustness.

Let’s gear up for the predictions

UX Design Gonna Be An Eye-ball

Tech savvy world is not just started with web applications, but also with mobile apps that have augmented the whole concept of User Experience Designs. Web designers with a broad vision, create apps on diverse platforms, they follow an agile process of designing and build a strategy which gives a better user experience through splendid designs and easy navigations. Hence, in 2016 we will be observing apps built with intensive usability testing & robust usability tools. Facebook and Google have already started developing such tools which website designers can utilize in the long run.

UI Animation Will Be A Driving Force

Certainly, the current User Interface patterns/trends are doing excellent. However, in the coming year, UI animation will be seen with some additions in tools. Devices used for animation will be based on more high-end technologies, sharpened with robust functionality. This will make websites more mobile friendly.

Designs Will Be Highly Interactive

Be it websites or mobile apps, impeccable designs with storytelling content is what you gonna witness! 2016 will be serving creative elements in your web design platter. Perhaps, there will be more use engaging content strategies clubbed with proper place and usage.

Visual And Typography – A Blend, Not To Miss In 2016!

Appealing designs always grab our attention, don’t they? What if web designs are perfectly mixed with great visual and typography! The outcome will be unbeatable for sure. In 2015, we have observed the significance of typography and visual things; however, in 2016, the headings will be larger with typography used websites! They will be the ideal use of BG CSS animated elements.

What is in store finally?

The future of Responsive Web Design is still not entirely clear. Only thing, we must take care is to give 100% focus on screen adaptability, layouts and website designs efficiently. So, be prepared for the next Gen responsive web designing tools & devices.