Are you running an email campaign? Chances are you have certain email marketing myths or better say prejudice that may jeopardize your CTR! We have built a list of email marketing myths that reduces the Click-Through Rate (CTR). Reduction in CTR will result in unexpected outcomes of email marketing campaign. Enterprises conducting email marketing campaigns should ensure they are doing it right rather annoying their customers. Being it the most interesting part of the online marketing strategy, it has to be commendably intuitive with the business flavor!

Your business requires a marketing strategy that adds impetus to the business performance. Email template design is important for businesses seeking huge customer range. It has to fulfill the business goals and objectives.

Get Rid of These Email Marketing Myths that Reduces CTR

1.Email Campaign Should Target only Millennials

A study says email opening rate among millennials is very less (they prefer text or social medial messages rather emails) as compared to the age group of 35-60 (prefer emails than text messages or any other means). Companies believing that their emails will impress the young generation receives, less sales than companies targeting the more matured age group.

2.Inactive Users should be Excluded from the Email Campaigns

Thinking that the inactive users will never open or click through emails is actually a mistake. You never know when the inactive email receivers become your valuable customer! It is being concluded in one of the survey that around 20% of the users will open or click the mail after 6 months or more.

3.New or Repeat Customer All Are Same

Companies conducting email marketing campaigns should avoid the mistake of sending the same email to a viewer, a one-time customer or a loyal and regular customer. Every customer or viewer is important and so as the emails sent to them in the marketing campaigns. Repeat customers prove that they are loyal and they like to stay connected with your brand and so they have returned. Make them feel special and valuable with personalized emails rather sending them the generalized emails. Only if you retain them, they will return to your store!

4.Subject Line and its Size are the Sensitive Areas

It is true that subject lines are important, but your email campaign results does not 100% rely on its subject line. A study says that nearly 70% of the emails could be treated in a positive way. What about the rest 30% then? This statistic can change the game too. It is possible that your valuable customers lie in the 30% of the receivers that do not care for the subject line to be interesting. This does not mean you shouldn’t keep the subject lines interesting, but the idea is to not relying on this factor completely.

5.Images Impresses More

Do you really believe in the above sentence? It might be true for the smaller age groups as they get attracted with visual content. It depends on the business, for instance if the target market is of young age group, images can create wonders; if the target age group is mature enough, images or visual content might not create the desired impact. Images impresses more is a myth that should be got rid of!

6.Emails Should be Frequently Sent

This is the biggest mistake any email marketer does. Just like the proverb, “too much of anything is good for nothing”, too many emails can annoy your customers and they may tend to unsubscribe or ignore your emails by reporting them as spam emails. There should be sufficient time duration between two consecutive emails to let them open, contemplate and click through it.

7.In Email Campaign, Day and Time Does Not Matter

If you really wish your emails get proper attention, focus on the time and day you select. If you are sending business emails, morning time is the best as the first task of corporate employees is checking emails. The same rule applies if you are sending ecommerce marketing emails, the best time is the evening when people find an alternative to relax from the busy day. Surfing ecommerce websites might relieve their stress and if you are offering better deals, no one can stop you getting fair response! Weekends are again the best days to hit with the best deals in eCommerce email marketing while weekdays are better for business.

These 7 myths can ruin your email marketing campaign, get rid of them a.s.a.p.!